Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Free ipods,ipads, & iphones? OH My

i haven't blogged in awhile because i been busy with school and other stuff but im back again with new Tech to get you free stuff and all it takes is completing an offer and getting others to sign up.
Here are the steps:

1. first your gonna need to understand the website is a honest site and if you Do the offers it will take no time at all Just do the offers and refer others
You can Sign Up Here

2.the offers may require a credit card but it wont charge you at all you have to do is put it in then wait til your offer is confirmed on the site.you can even use a visa gift card. not all the offers require a credit card just some you have to find the ones that don't

3.after you sign up and finish the offer all you have to do is one offer send a mas email to your friends and get them to sign up and do the same

4. The best part about this it doesn't take that many referrals for the prizes the I Devices take about 5-30 referrals.


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